Private Events

Make Great Memories

We love hosting events! Parties, both intimate and large, as well as fundraisers, benefits, reunions and work events; are some of the events that we host on a regular basis. Our restaurant provides multiple dining locations to make your gathering perfect. We also have tailored menus that cater delicious food to your guests. Please give us a call at (210) 687-1818 to find out more, and feel free to browse through our event menus below.

Sandra Nolan

David was great to work with! He addressed all our questions and concerns. The event went off with a hitch. Our employees REALLY enjoyed the venue, the food and the service!!!

Debbie Smith

Everything was set up beautifully, as promised. The staff was thoughtful, helpful and considerate of our requests and with suggestions of their own. The server and bartender were gracious with their service at each table and with the bar and buffet service.

Don Storms Duthie

The food and presentation was over the top and very plentiful and very delicious. All the guests at one point during the event, applauded Los Barrios for the incredible food and service.



Making your best day magical

Food and drink is at the heart of any good wedding, and with our warm hospitality your wedding at La Hacienda Scenic Loop will be an experience not to be missed. La Hacienda Scenic Loop brings unrivaled experience that you and your guests will remember long after the night is over. Our dedicated menus are inspired by time-honored recipes passed down by our mother, Viola Barrios, which are the best in traditional Mexican.

Please give us a call at (210) 687-1818 to find out more, and feel free to browse through our wedding brochure below.